Reverse Osmosis has proved to be the most reliable and cost effective method of desalinating water with energy consumption is usually some 70% less than for comparable evaporation technologies.
Mobile Systems
Mobile water units are concerned with many different applications, such as drinking/civil and many other applications for water shortages.
Water Treatment
Water treatment is any process to improves the quality of for different purposes like drinking, industrial water supply, irrigation, river flow maintenance, water recreation or many other uses.​
Pharmaceutical Purified Water
Pharmaceutical water is perhaps the most important of all pharmaceutical utilities. It is used as an excipient in many pharmaceutical formulations, as a cleaning agent, and as a separately packaged product diluent.​
Wastewater Treatment
The principal objective of wastewater treatment is generally to allow human and industrial effluents to be disposed of without danger to human health or unacceptable damage to the natural environment.​
Zero Liquid Discharge
Zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) is a water treatment process in which all wastewater is purified and recycled; therefore, leaving zero discharge at the end of the treatment cycle. Zero liquid discharge is an advanced wastewater treatment method that includes ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, evaporation/crystallization, and fractional electrodeionization.


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